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    A little about us

    A little about us

    The creator Parrish, and I his wife Kris, started out our lives together 28 years ago, we have both worked for large companies for many years, always feeling like we, like many of you, worked to live, but barely lived. Of course we had vacation time, but not real quality time with our children. About 5 years ago, I decided to start real estate school, and my husband, gave up a really good job with a local hospital, to work less hours, and to spend more time as a family. How the business started, was our youngest daughter, wanted to work on my childhood dollhouse with Parrish, who is a perfectionist, as they worked on this project, she suggested that we start an Etsy store, with the dollhouse siding that he created for her house, soon, it was flooring, and so it goes, Bleau's Custom was born and a great side business. We are both dedicated parents, and wished to spend more time at home, which is now why I no longer work in the corporate world. I am dedicated to my faith, my family and my friends. The three F's if you will. It is our wish that someday, we will be able to work together solely on this business, making custom gifts for every person, no matter what your needs are, we want to meet them, we are here for not only us, but you. 

    Our Hobbies: We love spending time at the Oregon Coast, Palm Springs, and of course Disneyland. We love the outdoors, working in our yard, planting trees, flowers, and our three pets are our other babies, Max, Ruby and Coco. 

    We care for my aging mother, and spend time volunteering in our local community. Coco & Ruby Relaxing in the sun Max the Cat Our Family