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    Water Bottle Boots/Help Keep Your Bottle Safe and Dent Free

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    Available in 12oz, 20oz, 32oz, and 40 oz!!! Able to fit most water bottle bases! Dimensions are listed below, the 12 and 20 oz are the same size!

    Treat your Polar Camel water bottle right with these laser-engraved Water Bottle Boots! Made of silicone, they keep your bottle safe and dent free, and let you personalize them with artwork of your choice. Plus, they'll keep your bottle from making a racket when you set it down!


    Laser boots are made of silicone and go over the bottom of Polar Camel water bottles to protect them from denting, scratching and prevent clanging when you set them down. They can be lasered with the graphics of your choice giving you options for additional personalization or decoration


    Product Details
    Cleaning Instructions Not recommended for dishwashers, hand wash only.
    Length 2 15/16"
    Height 2"
    Width 2 15/16"
    Thickness 1/16
    Overall Size 2 15/l6" diameter x 2" (H) x 1/16" thick
    Color varies
    Lasered Color varies
    Material Silicone
    Gender Neutral


    32 oz

    Cleaning InstructionsNot recommended for dishwashers, hand wash only.Length3 1/2"Height2"Width3 1/2"Thickness1/16Overall Size3 1/2" diameter x 2" (H) x 1/16" thickColorBlack/WhiteLasered ColorWhiteMaterialSiliconeGenderNeutral

    40 oz

    Product DetailsCleaning InstructionsNot recommended for dishwashers, hand wash only.Thickness1/16ColorvariesLasered ColorvariesMaterialSiliconeGenderNeutral