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    Lantern/Shadow Boxes - Made exclusively by Uniquely Bleau

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    Our natural wooden Shadow boxes, are both Unique, while fitting into any style, Boho, Traditional, mid-century and are uniquely eclectic. Use them with or without battery powered lighting. We have more styles every season! Come back or ask us to make yours custom. 

    Sizes are as follows: Leaf & Plant Shadow boxes 4.25"L 4.25"W 8 5/8 H 

    London Phone Booth: 4.25"L 4.25"W 8 5/8 H 


    We wholesale to certain specialty shops, and are diligent in picking who we wholesale to, we want our aesthetic to fit a retailers needs. Fashion forward in home decor, adding just that special touch and product that is unique to your retail space. Contact us for more information. 


    These are made with natural wood, open flame isn't suggested.